The Taj Mahal, Agra

64 Taj Road, Agra-282001

Perhaps the most famous building in India, the Taj Mahal is also a testimony to the most famous love force in the world. The most beautiful mausoleum was named after Mumtaz Mahal, Shah Jahan's favorite wife, and construction began in 1631 when he died. It was not completed until 1648 with 20,000 workers.

has many Islamic design elements, including arches, minarets, onion domes and black calligraphy inlaid around the entrance. The Taj Mahal is mainly built of white marble and decorated with exquisite inlaid floral patterns and precious and semi-precious stones. Jade, lapis lazuli. , Diamonds and mother-of-pearl.

The best time to visit is at dawn or dusk, when the atmosphere changes wonderfully due to changes in lighting. If possible, try to see the reflection of the Taj Mahal from the opposite bank of the Yamuna River. This is an unforgettable (and safe) selfie.