Golden Temple

Golden Temple of Amritsar

Golden Temple Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143006

Amritsar was founded by Ram Das in 1577 and is an important center of Sikh history and culture. The main attraction here is Harmandir Sahib, which opened in 1604 and is still called the Golden Temple due to its beautiful golden decorations. This temple is the holiest among the many Sikh holy places in India (it also attracts many Hindus and people of other faiths), this temple combines Hindu and Islamic styles, and its marble bottom is decorated with beautiful inlaid flowers of animals. , the huge golden dome represents a lotus, which is a symbol of purity for Sikhs.

In addition to the magnificent design, visitors are also impressed by the temple's spiritual atmosphere, which is enhanced by the constant recitation of prayers in the Sikh holy book and prayers broadcast throughout the building complex. As part of the overall experience, visitors can participate, that is, have the opportunity to enjoy one of the 50,000 free meals that the attraction offers to visitors every day.